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This Store is offered as a complement to my personal website Dick Stannard’s Blog – My World As I See It. My website features “Good News – Tastefully Presented”. Posts follow themes of Faith, Family, Inspirational and the beauty of our world. There are also several high quality image photo galleries and an Archive of over 600 posts.

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 Dick S


Hi, I’m Dick Stannard.

I am retired and enjoying the good life with my wife, Lynn. We spend half the year in Lakeland, FL and the other half in Lake George, NY. We are originally from New York and our family of four daughters and their families still live near each other in upstate New York where we raised them, about 40 miles south of our summer camp.

I am a proud parent, grandparent and, recently, great grandparent.

My interests include computing, blogging, digital photography, travel, gardening and golf.

I try to read the bible through every year since I retired but sometimes I miss by a few months. I do finish, however. More important, I try to let it change me.

Dick Stannard